Expand your mind

was a much-repeated slogan heard throughout the western world in the 1960s during the anti-system protest movement. The protagonists of this new socio-political trend aspired to recover a natural and simple way of existence, giving new meaning to their lives by becoming more aware of their inner world.

I ascribe to the philosophy that the most appropriate way that a mental health professional can work is by putting him or herself in the service of that which is healthy, natural and simple in the patients and in all those who seek consultation and treatment. In this way a contribution can be made, not only to the patient who seeks understanding and a better quality of life, but also to the harmony, well-being and tolerance in the world.

I have been a working and participating member of the local professional community and have worked extensively with the international community in Barcelona since 1990, intrinsically motivated and committed to friendly, respectful, psychodynamic care which focuses on helping us to become aware of our inner world and give meaning to our feelings, relationships, and experiences.